Property Valuation Of Enterprises

Each of the three approaches considered assumes the use of inherent methods in the valuation of property.

The income approach is based on the principle of expectation. The value of the object can be set as its ability to generate income in the future. This approach is based on the use of two methods of valuation: capitalization of profits and discounting of cash flows.

The first one assumes that the value of a share of ownership in an operating enterprise is equal to the current value of future income. When using the capitalization method (capital assets), it is assumed that the income from owning real estate of an enterprise represents current and future income from leasing it, income from a possible increase in the value of real estate when it is sold in the future. The method of capitalization (capital assets) in the valuation of the property of an enterprise is mainly used to evaluate small enterprises, as well as to simplify the calculation of the value of an enterprise when it is necessary to make a rapid assessment.

The method of capitalization of profits is most relevant to the situation when it is expected that the company will receive approximately the same profit over a long period of time, or its growth rates are stable.

Types of property valuation of enterprises:

You are welcomed by the largest Russian expert organization, NP Federation of Judicial Experts, which in this case acts as a performer of enterprise property valuations. In this case, because besides this expert activity we are actively engaged in conducting other special and ordinary research. Among which are not only all types of property valuation of enterprises, but also activities to assess the value of any objects, tangible and intangible assets, property and assets.

f we talk about such a section of expert activity of NP “Federation of Judicial Experts” as an assessment of the property of enterprises, there is a clear division of this activity into several types of assessment, which is carried out according to different rules and for various purposes. What determines the order of calculating the cost, and the final result, and the applicability of this final result in a given situation?

The variety of algorithms for calculating the value of various assets makes the types of evaluation of equipment and other property of enterprises interesting for specialists and even for non-specialists a sphere of particular complexity of professional activity. But competent experts of the Non-Profit Partnership “Federation of Judicial Experts” are able to simplify their work with the help of some methodological secrets, unmistakably understanding the intricacies of internal and external relations of an enterprise, different values ​​of its property relative to different points of reference, changes in the value of various assets over time and other features of this field of expertise. Works

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Also, certified specialists of the Federation of Judicial Experts NP understand very well the specifics of this sphere from the point of view of the subtleties of our Legislation that change from time to time, and from the point of view of the nuances that the field of activity and accounting, cost and profitability of enterprises and companies are full of. Thanks to this preparedness, we successfully design and conduct any type of property valuation for enterprises of any type and scale. We give detailed consultations on this issue and help enterprises and companies not only to assess property, but also to optimize production processes.

Different types of valuation of property of enterprises differ in at least two ways. First of all, these are the types of property valuation from the point of view of by whom they are initiated, are mandatory or not. The second type of property valuation is their distinction according to the ways in which valuation is performed, according to the criteria and methods used in doing so, according to the objects that are evaluated, and according to the purposes in which these types of assessments are made.

First of all, various types of valuation of property of enterprises is a mandatory, internal, and independent assessment of property. They differ in the types of initiation as follows:

Mandatory assessment of the property of the enterprise: the assessment is carried out in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation on the initiation of state supervisory organizations, investigative bodies or other instances, is appointed by the court;

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