Privileged VA Mortgage Loans for Veterans of Military Operations

This program has undergone significant changes. Adjustments were made to preferential loans to war veterans in Sberbank. All of them will be considered below.

General conditions for crediting veterans and participants in hostilities

Apply for a VA loan to Sberbank for obtaining a loan, it should be borne in mind that each program has certain parameters and conditions. Therefore, if war veterans want to take a loan from Sberbank, you should first prepare and clarify what documents will be needed.

Standard package includes:

  • Passport;
  • Military ID;
  • Confirmation of financial solvency.
  • Sberbank credit programs differ in the way they provide.
  • It can be:

The program is standard, without security. The maximum loan size can be 3 000 000 rubles in the event that the real income will contribute to the return for 5 years.

With a guarantor. The Borrower is entitled to draw one or two guarantors whose income level will be taken into account for calculating the amount of the loan. A maximum of 5,000,000 rubles.

With the provision of collateral. If it is possible to provide a car, garage, real estate or land as collateral, you can count on an unlimited loan with a 20-year return period. Moreover, even the package of necessary documents will be substantially reduced.

Since preferential loans to veterans of military operations in the Savings Bank are canceled, the interest rate will be the same as for other participants in the selected program. It directly depends on the level of income and the availability of guarantors.

Interest and individual conditions for veterans

Details can be found by calling the Contact Center, the branch of the bank or by apply for a VA loan on the official website of the Savings Bank and receiving an explanation of the proposed conditions.

Features of the loan for participants of military operations

A special program has been developed for lending participants of military operations in the Savings Bank of Russia. However, it is only available to NIS participants. If the borrower has a mortgage (or it is in the course of its registration), it is possible to repay a part or use the funds for other needs.

Despite the fact that here the interest rate is an order of magnitude lower, the size of the loan depends on the program and the availability of a surety. To receive large sums, a surety is required.

Required documents:

  1. Certificate confirming the passage of service;
  2. Confirmation of solvency.
  3. Credit for retirement veteran of the fighting

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