Writing The LinkedIn Profile Writing

To know the rules of writing and structuring theses, you must refer to the guide for the writing and presentation of theses  for doctoral students Thesis Writing Help edited by the Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research

Style sheets

You must use the Cnam style sheet , depending on the software used:

Word 2010 template , Word 2016

Free Office Template 2016

Latex model and converter in PDF / A

Dissemination of the thesis

The information documents relating to the dissemination of the Thesis Writing Help can be downloaded from Adum , in the personal space of the doctoral students.

To go further, you can also:

take advantage of the  link with SlideShare  to put online training slideshows or conferences a little retouched. They are very appreciated and well referenced

create a business page , which you can administer to many. It allows to publish on behalf of the company. Its logo will then appear in the profile (experience)

create 2 “showcases” pages about products or services that are important for your business, that improve SEO and make it possible to communicate news directly related to these products or services

use the paid promotion, for example to announce an event, offer a training, a book, etc … But it costs minimum 10 € / day and will always be less appreciated than an animation of the account

You now have the key to an effective LinkedIn Profile Writing  presence. Once the profile set up, the animation of the account will take little time per week (a few minutes every 2-3 days are enough for the majority of small businesses). But it is important to communicate regularly to obtain satisfactory results, by varying the participations.

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