Google SEO: Prices And Rates For Natural Referencing – Tarif Référencement

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Every week we take stock of an internet user request related to SEO. Today, a search engine’s flagship query: “Google Price Listing”

  1. Meaning of the request: what do the users want

Obviously, people who type this query in Google seek to learn about the famous ” how much it costs ” to reference his website. In the collective imagination tarif référencement can sometimes be perceived as an element that must have been thought to manage, by entrusting it to an agency for “a few” annual euros. Obviously, the reality is much more complex and therefore requires a precise study (a “benchmark” of existing solutions).

  1. The “referencing fee”.

Let’s start by excluding straight away benefits that are not strictly referencing: Google Adwords campaigns or “sponsored links”, the inscriptions on the price comparators or the different “market places” tarif référencement. Consider that the user who has written “Google Price Listing” is looking for a SEO service, that is to say, a good positioning on Google in the “free” part of the search results.

Ask a SEO how much SEO (“eh, you there for a complete SEO of my site, how much?”), It will answer in 99% of cases “it depends”. This response may seem annoying, but it is actually incomplete. It should rather say: “it depends on you”.

SEO is a long-term task, which must be maintained throughout the year. The more competitive your market, the more ambition you have in this market, and the more time it will take to manage your SEO. You will then have several possibilities:

1st possibility: the cheap SEO with submissions to 1000 search engines and directories

Well, you understand, we will quickly sweep away these infamous offers that only play on the ignorance of people. Are covered all services that call “referencing” simple search engine submissions or directory listings. The only search engine that should import you in France is Google, and you do not need to submit your site, because in 99% of cases, the engine found you alone.

Cost: We do not prefer to approach it because it is only money lost for you!

2nd possibility: internalized referencing: the company itself manages SEOThis is the most effective solution, of course. Employees can take over most or all of the tarif référencement tasks. Companies that have this expertise in-house and who know how to organize themselves to carry out a web visibility strategy by their own means are those that succeed the best on the internet.In this case, the cost of referencing simply corresponds to the working time of the employees, to which we add the tools and the possible training.

The indispensable tool for internalizing SEO is obviously the insofar as its simplicity of use and educational structuring allow an untrained person to work directly on its SEO, being guided step by step. Discover our complete solution by browsing our site, or contact us to discuss it tarif référencement

Cost of the software: 35 euros per month on average, 420 euros HT for one year.

It is also interesting to train as many employees as possible SEO (but also the boss of the SME, so that he can make strategic choices later for the company). Training is supported by OPCAs.

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