Reasons For Property Valuation

Here are a lot of reasons for property valuation.

  • It is produced:
  • To calculate the amount of tax that is charged when making a purchase and sale of real estate;
  • To calculate the amount of payments for the Pension Fund;
  • To determine the amount of state duty;
  • For a bank in case you make out a mortgage;
  • To determine the amount that is part of the share capital;
  • In the case when the house acts as a pledge;
  • When it is necessary to determine the amount of insurance payments for real estate;
  • When an arrest is imposed on a house;
  • In the event of a property dispute;
  • During the divorce proceedings, when all property is divided between the spouses;
  • In case the construction of residential objects is incomplete;
  • When project investments are calculated.
  • Depending on the purpose of the assessment, you can set the price yourself, or involve professional appraisers.
  • When and who should evaluate the house and land

In most cases, property owners evaluate their property on their own. This mainly occurs when selling a house. That is, the seller himself sets the price he wants to help out for the property.

But there are such cases when an assessment should be carried out by a certified specialist. For example, when you apply to the bank for a mortgage, or your property acts as a pledge, and maybe real estate is divided between the spouses in court, etc.

But remember that realtor’s estimate is not accurate. It is relative and is most often established on the basis of similar proposals in your locality or area. Therefore, even if the real estate agency provides you with a document indicating the value of your real estate, it cannot be used during legal proceedings, taking a mortgage, etc.

  • Have appropriate certification.
  • Have a civil liability insurance policy in the amount of 30 thousand rubles. And more.
  • Have a good reputation.

If you need to evaluate the property in order to resolve issues in which banking institutions participate, it is they who can offer any particular appraiser. That’s because financial institutions cooperate with appraisers on mutually beneficial terms.

Check link for detail:

The specialist you hired on the agreed day arrives at the specified address and assesses your property, takes a photo, checks if there are any illegal buildings.

After that, it processes the received data, draws up an official document, where the value of your property is indicated and transfers it to you.

If the value of your property will be determined by a professional, then you will spend a minimum of effort and time, but you will have to pay a certain amount for this. But in some situations (we described them above), it is simply impossible to do without expert assessment.

f you need to sell a house with a plot, but you do not want to do the assessment yourself, for fear of putting a very low or too high price, then you can use the help of real estate agencies.

To do this, you find an experienced realtor and ask him for a fee to determine the value of your property.

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