Liquid Diet Plan- Eating Liquid To Lose Weight

More and more different diets are appearing. What you put the doubt on how to lose weight that will suit you. The liquid diet, known for its extremely fast weight loss, has its advantages and disadvantages, like all diets.

The principle of the liquid diet

Used for many years, the liquid diet plan is a temporary diet. Its principle is therefore based on a limited duration ranging from 1 week to 10 days on average. Because liquid foods are more easily assimilated, they allow the body to rest.

You have several choices: you can replace daily meals with specially adapted fluids containing all the nutritional supplements necessary for your health. Or you can opt for vegetable juices and fruit juices that you can supplement with nutritional bars. This type of diet consists of about 8 glasses of water a day.

It is advisable to vary as much as possible the selected vegetables and fruits so that your body does not miss anything. Nothing will prevent you, moreover, from sipping perfumed herbal teas during the day.

The benefits of the liquid diet

“I want to lose weight quickly but I do not have time to do sports”, that’s what you say? One of the strengths of the liquid diet is that it should not be associated with sports sessions. Only a few walks are recommended to keep your heartbeat stable.

In addition to the visible results from 7 days of regimen, theliquid diet plan make it possible to give a new luster to your skin. You will quickly observe some notable changes: rejuvenation, better elasticity and disappearance of small pimples and other imperfections.

The liquid diet also allows you to increase your energy thanks to its important contribution of vitamins. No feeling of weakness or mood swings, you enjoy and eat healthy while losing weight quickly . “Diet, is it expensive? “New strength of the liquid diet, it costs nothing except water, vegetables and fruits, herbal teas and other drinks. Weight loss is now within everyone’s reach thanks to this simple, effective and extremely fast diet.

The disadvantages of the liquid diet

After the holidays or to regain fitness before the summer, the liquid diet appears as an effective solution. But keep in mind that this is a drastic regime and therefore, by definition, temporary. If the results are seen quickly, it must be remembered that after 1 week, you will gradually resume a normal diet without ever falling into excess.

The liquid diet has its own limits. The low calorie intake certainly allows you to lose weight quickly, but it can also be a source of deficiencies for your body. This is why it is essential not to exceed 10 days of diet. This type of plan is sometimes difficult to follow depending on the profile. People who go out a lot, love to go to a restaurant or love to cook may feel frustrated and excluded during this time.The liquid diet is a great alternative to liquid diet plan fast while keeping a healthy diet. However, be sure to follow the recommended time and resume a normal and balanced diet gradually.

Do you have any pounds to lose and want to try the cabbage soup diet? Discover the strengths and weaknesses of this diet and how to try the cabbage soup diet … or not!

Cabbage soup diet: how does it work?

The cabbage soup diet is one of the most famous diets. It consists of feeding at will soup for three to seven days. Every day, one or two other foods can be associated with him.As the name suggests, the soup contains cabbage, but also garlic, parsley, onion, tomato, carrot and pepper. Vegetables should not be mixed to maintain their satiating power.

If it is possible to add salt, pepper and spices, the fat is prohibited! Regarding drinks, only water, tea and coffee are allowed. If this diet is good for cabbage, it’s because some say that this vegetable has the ability to burn fat .

Cabbage soup diet: in practice

On the first day of the diet , fruits other than bananas may be associated with the soup. The second day, fruits are forbidden, but green vegetables are allowed. On the third day, it is possible to eat both fruits and vegetables.On the fourth day, you can drink skim milk and eat bananas. On the fifth day it is possible to add beef to meals as well as fresh tomatoes. On the sixth day, beef can be replaced with chicken or veal. Vegetables, as an accompaniment, are allowed.

Finally, the seventh day marks the return of starchy foods. It is possible to accompany its soup with a little whole rice, vegetables and fruit juice.

It is important to note that there are many variations of the cabbage soup liquid diet plan . So some say that fruit juice without added sugar is allowed throughout the diet and the bouillon cubes to give more flavor to the soup

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