30 Well Paid Jobs in 2018 that do not Require a University Degree

Finding a job is an increasingly complex mission right now, given the context of the global economic crisis. It gets more complicated when you do not have a diploma. This is not always true, however, it is indeed possible to find a job well paid without having a high level diploma, the baccalaureate level is often more than enough. Here is information about the top 30 paid jobs without having to graduate.

Server / Barman

Another great option for retraining is becoming a bartender. If you are sociable, like the party and the night, becoming a bartender should really please you. In addition to being a pleasant and entertaining job, you can expect a very good salary, especially if you take into account tips. Working as a waiter in restaurants or hotels can also be great alternatives. In this case, however, it will be advisable to follow a small training in the field to be able to work in the best restaurants and see his salary increase sharply!


Working in a call center is another way to earn a lot of money without having to rely on your degree. This type of work is particularly advantageous because there is great flexibility in working hours. In addition, you will not have to pay special attention to your appearance or look after your look, indeed the only thing that customers will know about you, will be your voice!

Elevator mechanic

Another option, as interesting as the others, is to opt for the job of elevator mechanic. This job is very little known and yet it offers excellent opportunities for anyone who loves adventure and a little climbing. At the end of a specific training in the field, you will be able to exercise this profession financially very advantageous. Know that there are no conditions of access to training.

Get A jobs alert


To practice in this trade and enter the environment, internships and work in business are enough. Industry bosses want candidates to prove themselves in the field. The ability to create a network is often critical for the Trader. Fluctuations in the prices of the stock market tick every step of the day. He tries to invest the capital he holds, on behalf of his employer, in products that have a good rating. To be noticed, he must necessarily bet on the future and feel the evolution of the stock market. It follows these developments and must be very responsive to trendsthat he observes. He is interested in all products, such as stocks, which can allow a significant gain over time. Its goal is to enable its customers to realize a significant return on investment. This job requires a good self-control since the tension is constant during the day it starts early enough to finish with the daily closing of international trading rooms.

Video Game Tester

It is essential in the video game industry that employs many people. Its role is to be vigilant enough to grasp the weak points and defects of the game, just before its commissioning, and its sale. He must be very vigilant and have a good video game culture to bring the product expert advice. Certainly, he must be a good player, and have practiced many gameplay, but also try to exhaust all the resources of the game to leave nothing to chance. He controls the potential of the game and the effect it can have on future players. It takes time, patience and mastery. The only passion will not suffice. To work, it is often possible that the tester is used by several production companies. This multiplicity of employers makes the work more lucrative and also creates a name within the profession. Word of mouth is an important part of the job.

Taxi driver

By having a good sense of direction and good conduct, it is possible to apply for the certificate of professional capacity of taxi driver, the CCPCT, issued by the prefecture. It is an obligation to work, either as an employee or on his own. To attend this examination, you must hold the B license, car, for at least 3 years. On the other hand, it is necessary to have a medical examination and to present a first aid certificate acquired more than 2 years ago. It is obviously necessary to present a clean criminal record. Once the holder of this certificate, the driver can practice his profession under the guise of the regulations in force. This job allows autonomy and a fairly personal management of his working time. As an employee, the salary is fixed every day. Added to this is a percentage on the total revenue. The tenant is renting a vehicle to a company that already has its parking right. It’s an independent status.


Working in construction can pay big dividends. A particularly lucrative function is that of bricklayer-mason. You can indeed expect a good salary from the beginning of your career. If you know how to make you appreciate and make you respect, it will be possible to rise in rank and become director of construction. In most cases, it will not even be necessary to hold a bachelor’s degree; motivation, talent and perseverance will do the trick.

Sports coach

In order to get in shape or to make a more personalized follow-up, the sports advisor knows how to adapt the physical effort to each of his clients. Sector very fashionable if it is, sports coaching requires some mobility and a desire to work in the city. You have to know how to go to several recruiters to diversify your skills. It is also by multiplying his commitments that he can fully live his profession. There is no need for a diploma to practice this profession, but in order to penetrate and be able to obtain more recognition, the professional certificate is an asset not to be neglected. It remains a well-paid jobif the coach manages to make a name for himself or to be employed by specialized rooms. He can also be engaged on cruises or other unusual places. The trend side can guarantee many opportunities. Career development is characterized by the possibility of becoming a Fitness Manager or Fitness Director.

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