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Always enjoy a perfect view thanks to our tips to finish with traces of soap and other water stains on your windows

We all remember the beautiful Houzz files and their pictures of interiors with windows and glass doors impeccable, and we always wondered how to get the same effect here. “All windows and glass doors are not alike,” says Anne DeCocco , interior designer . “There are many varieties of glass and some require special maintenance.

Tinted glass doors and window tinting Spring TX

Glass reduces glare and makes a space more private or private. However, window tinting Spring TX glass surfaces can pose some problems as they are often custom-made and installed according to specific instructions; it may therefore be necessary to ask your glazier about the maintenance and cleaning procedures. Before proceeding with the complete cleaning, it is better to test the chosen product on a small surface.

Against dirt and dust, Marvin Windows and Doors, a window manufacturer, recommends washing your tinted windows up and down with soap and water and drying them immediately with a microfiber cloth dipped in a diluted solution of glass cleaner. Using a squeegee, remove the remaining product, being careful not to touch the glass with the metal part.

To avoid: abrasive cleaners. Also avoid cleaning tinted or laminated windows in direct sunlight.

Shower Doors and Bathroom Windows

In this Vermont residence (on the east coast of the United States), the windows of the shower enclosure and the bathroom allow you to fully enjoy the surrounding landscape. This view would be spoiled by water stains or soapy residue.

Against dandruff and soap scum, Anne DeCocco advises using a product specifically for this purpose, as well as Rain X once a month, to keep a perfect finish.

Against stubborn water stains, try a cleanser without ammonia, phosphates or bleach. Dilute by half in water, then apply it with a microfiber cloth.

Warning: This type of stain remover can damage natural stone, marble, terrazzo (also known as granito), colored tile joints, painted or metallic lacquered surfaces, as well as acrylic bathtubs. It must therefore be used with care.

To Avoid: Abrasive Detergents.

“Everyone should have a squeegee in their bathroom, ÔÇťadvocates Anne DeCocco, ” and especially use after each shower. Squeegee on a shower door takes only a few seconds, but it keeps a perfectly transparent wall. ”

Glazed Doors And Frameless Windows

Glazed doors and frameless windows are very present in contemporary homes. Elegant and uncluttered, they let in lots of natural light and blur the boundaries between inside and out.

As for dirt, the glass should be cleaned only when it is dirty. Anne DeCocco specifies that if the glass is equipped with a protective film or window tinting Spring TX, to reduce glare or protect UV, it is best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning. “I clean my windows and glass doors with a spray of glass cleaner, which I then dry with paper towels,” she says. “I heard that it contains less roughness than other materials, so it does not attack the protective film.”

To avoid: abrasive detergents containing ammonia, according to Richard Berry, project manager. “Make it clear to the person who cleans your glass doors, mirrors and windows that each type of glass requires a particular type of cleaner and that the glass on glass doors often requires specific maintenance. Too often, glass breaks down over time as cleaning services, cleaning agents or even children use what they need to clean it, “he says.

I always advise my clients to read the documentation provided with their windows when there is, to ask the person who installs them if there is a specific procedure, and to maintain them on a daily basis. Here are some additional tips for getting and maintaining spotless glass surfaces ready for a photo shoot.

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