SEO in Poitiers or Local SEO Services

What is SEO?

Under the term Internet referencing is a collection of concepts that I will try to clarify in the preamble to this article. From a general point of view SEO refers to all the techniques that can increase the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines.

The acronym SEMĀ Internet marketing can be used to name all of these actions, which now also include those carried out on social networks.

Terms associated with “SEM.”

This is the set of actions aimed at improving the visibility of a site on search engines in natural (organic) results.

For SEO 2 types of actions are distinguished:

The SEO Onsite (on the site itself) : architecture and structure, content, coding

SEO Offsite (outside the site) : netlinking, linkbaiting, buying links …

SMO (Social Media Optimization): Optimization on social networks.

It is the set of actions aimed at developing the visibility of a site, a product / service or a brand through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Plus, Linkedin, Youtube, viadeo, etc. …

Local SEO and its specificities

For example, on the query ” Referencing Poitiers ” we are generally placed in a good position on the first page of , it is not a coincidence.

Some SEO agencies prefer the “Offpage” via the creation of natural links or not, I implement all the levers of SEM with a predominance for SEO “Onpage” more durable in my opinion. You can see here the result.

How to refer locally?

To become visible locally on this activity, 75% of the actions are carried out on the site itself, the rest is shared between links and SMO (social networks).

This proportion depends on the cases and the objectives, and is decided after audit of the site, its contents and the competition.

The SEA and the SMO can for example give immediate gains in visibility at first.

In parallel, SEO On and Off site actions will take over or add to the visibility provided by campaigns and social networks.

Natural SEO Rates

Whatever the internet project, it is essential to make it visible to Internet users and mobile users. My expertise and my Internet marketing allow many people to achieve this goal. The actions implemented for its realization are diverse, complex and must be carried out over time. For your information you will find below some basic rates that can be adapted according to your project, its difficulty and the conclusions of the audit.

SEO Audit:

All our SEO services begin with an audit of your website, industry and your competition.

Local SEO Pack:

You want to make visible on the internet and locally your activity within a geographical radius of 100 km maximum, the local SEO pack is for you. Actions will be applied to both your site, the internet and social networks after an audit of your site and existing competition.

To increase sales of its products and services, to communicate more widely with its targets, to stay ahead of the competition in search engines … Here are already 3 very good reasons to take an interest in SEO and it is mainly to these reasons that my clients use my “SEO” services.

Internet: an opportunity for businesses …Internet marketing

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