Updates Version 1.01 – the Very First Update for the Game

, it came out 3 days after the game was released.

In this update, Scott corrected the bug with an accidental game crash.

Version 1.03 is the next update for the game.

  • Added the Fourth Star, which you can get by going through the 6th night with the only cheat – Agressive.
  • Version 1.031 is another update of the game.
  • It corrects errors with sounds and adds new sounds to the spring trap.
  • Version 1.032 is the last update of the game.
  • It makes the game full-screen.
  • Data

You can see the similarity between the mini-game in FNaF2 and, possibly, 15 cameras in Fnaf world Update 3. This similarity is noticeable when viewing the full mini-game card “SAVETHEM” (Russian Save them). It shows 15 rooms. So, 1 camera per room.

Steam Greenlight received a message from Scott, in which he wrote about the beta testing of Fnaf world Update 3. There is one secret. In the text, some letters are repeated, and if you connect them, you get the sentence “My name is Springtrap “(Russian My name is Sprintrap ). This is the name of this mysterious animatronic. Also, some people argued about how to call it – a spring trap (trap) or a spring trap. After all, both options are appropriate. Probably Scott himself called the spring trap, since the game came out just at this time, and animatronics was just called a trap (spring trap), as it has its own special mechanism that works like a spring trap (trap).

Back in Steam Greenlight, a message came from Scott, in which he wrote that he had been hacked and allegedly merged an unfinished version of Fnaf world Update 3 into the network. However, Scott later admitted that it was just a joke and that no one hacked his account.

There are only 1 animatronic and 8 phantoms in the game: Sprintrap , Phantom Foxy , Phantom BB , Phantom Chick , Phantom Freddy , Phantom of the Puppet , Phantom Mangle and Phantom of Golden Freddie , Phantom of Springhtrap. Among them, only Springpath is material, and only he can attack the player “for real” (not counting his phantom, since both the animatronic and the phantom are capable of killing the player). The remaining phantoms make the player only more vulnerable to the Springhtrap.

After the passage of the sixth night, it will be said that the attraction burned down. Police believe that the fire occurred because of the wiring, the remains of the attraction will be sold at auction.

Also it can be seen after passing through Sister Location Custom Night at a very difficult level, in Golden Freddy mode.

After the attack of the phantoms of animatronics, the game does not end, but continues (except for the case of the Phantom Springtrap attack).

Both tablets do not occupy the entire screen area, as it was in the past parts of the game.

In the office hangs a poster with Freddie. If you click on his nose, he will make a funny sound. The same paschalka is in all other parts.

In the game menu, Scott decided not to write the whole title and cut it down by writing just Fnaf world Update 3. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the main character in the game is not Freddie, but spring trap. We can also assume that the game is so called because the action takes place not in a restaurant, but in an attraction.

Perhaps, the Springtrap does not kill the guard, but asks him for help. But the guard stops the heart from fright and dies.

Such death and heavy breathing after the phantom attack show that the guard had heart problems.

This is the first game of the series, on the cover of which is not depicted Freddy Fazbear.

There is no indicator of energy and charge of the flashlight, as in Five Nights at Freddy’s and Five Nights at Freddy’s 2.

Strangely, the fact that in the first part of the energy was limited, most likely due to lack of money to buy a good battery, and in the third part, in addition to unlimited energy, there is a sound and camera repair using a monitor .

Graphics made a significant leap from its previous parts.

Perhaps the room where the attraction is located, this is a converted pizzeria from 1 part.

When you enter the game with a small chance, you can see one of the pictures with the Violet man in the suit of spring trap.

In the mobile version there is a picture on which the Springtrap is without the Violet man.

In update 1.03 Scott added the fourth star for the passage of the sixth night with a cheat Aggressive (Russian Aggressive).

The action of FNaF 3 takes place in 2023, as the actions of FNaF 1 take place in 1993, that is: 1993 + 30 = 2023.

If you turn the map in the game, it will look like the same Scott Coughton logo.

In this part the largest number of chambers.

Fnaf world Update 3 – the second game with ventilation shafts. The first is FNaF 2, the third is FNaF: Sister Location.

If we construct a chronological chain of all parts of the FNAF, then it turns out that the third part is the penultimate one. After it goes Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator

The attraction from this game appeared in the FNaF SL. It shows that the Springtrap survived the fire.

This part, according to many, is the easiest.

When the trailer shows the Sprintrap in convulsions, you can see the number “4” on the wall.


The game broke its own record and was number one in the top on sales on Steam in the first hours of its release. Although the game was received warmly enough, some fans were unhappy.

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