What Is The Best Nespresso Coffee Cup Of 2018?

Enjoy as much as you can with your espresso, coffee or hot chocolate. A good cup will raise the shimmering smell and exquisite flavor of your hot drinks. In this guide, we will provide some tips for choosing a coffee cup. And towards the end of this article, you are invited to discover the Nespresso coffee cup.

For the phrase “a good cup of coffee” to really make sense, combine the taste of the drink with the tool you will use to appreciate it. The first criterion to consider before buying a cup of coffee is the material of manufacture. If you want to make refinement, choose porcelain. However, keep in mind that porcelain Branded Coffee Cups cost more and break with the slightest shock. Alternatively, you can choose from more accessible materials, such as glass, ceramics or plastic and metal mix. Whichever model you choose, look for the model that holds and resists heat. And do not forget to check the absence of bisphenol when you opt for plastic coffee cups.

Then make your choice according to the form. Today, it is possible to customize Branded Coffee Cups at will. Between classic shapes and colors as well as the different patterns that adorn the exterior surface, it’s up to you to make the right choice.

The last criterion to consider is size and accessories. The Branded Coffee Cups are rather designed for occasional use, unlike the mugs that display a greater capacity. In general, the volume of a coffee cup is between 30 ml and 75 ml. Since they are often synonymous with refinement, coffee cups come with assorted saucers.

If you are unsure about choosing the brand for your coffee cup, it would be wise to refer you to Nespresso. Specializing in hot drinks, this brand has a variety of Branded Coffee Cups  Among them, the batch of 2 cups that we invite you to discover.

  • Nespresso 3382-2
  • Main advantage

Sold with saucers, these two Nespresso coffee cups display a classic design, but very refined.

Main drawback

The price of these two cups tends to cool the buyers. However, given their positive points, it is easy to believe that this is the right price.

Verdict: 9.4 / 10

Quality, robustness, heat resistance, design, this batch of two Nespresso coffee cups promise to make us appreciate coffee, tea, espresso or hot chocolate with elegance and refinement.



The appearance of each Nespresso coffee cup that composes this lot invites us on a journey through time and space. This cup in your hands, you will believe in England from the old days when ladys and gentlemen enjoyed the flavor of hot drinks. As decorative as functional, these coffee cups will give an air of elegance in your living room.

And be sure that it will be out of the question to put them away somewhere. Like all those who have already bought them, you will put them prominently in your crockery so that all your guests can appreciate them.

The material

These two Nespresso coffee cups are designed entirely with tempered glass. Thanks to this material, they gain in robustness, even if the use of glass tools always implies great caution. However, a relatively small shock will have no effect on the tempered and thick glass that makes up these cups. On the other hand, glass is also known to retain and resist heat.

In terms of maintenance, these two accessories go both in the dishwasher and under the tap. In addition, the contact of the glass with the heat does not lead to any phenomenon harmful to the health.

The accessories

Already at the time of your purchase, you win two Nespresso coffee cups each with a volume of 60 ml. As a bonus, the brand offers you as a gift two resin saucers whose upper surface is available in anthracite gray and the lower in black.

That’s not all, you also earn two Nespresso coasters and two liquid measuring rulers with a maximum level of 60 ml. Basically, for the price of two coffee cups, you get a lot of 8 items.

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