To Amplify The Benefits Of A Mask, We Have A Steam Bath In Our Face.

Best Face Masks The goal: open the pores, eliminate impurities and better penetrate the assets of the mask.Place your head over a bowl of very hot water by covering your head with a towel (you can optionally add essential oils ).Wait a few minutes.If necessary, gently remove any black spots using a tissue.Dry your face by tapping it lightly with a tissue.

Apply your mask.

This mask of a new kind is a sensation on social networks. Besides its playful side, what more than others? Zoom on the trend care of the moment.

In the beauty Best Face Masks department, the trends follow each other and are not the same. After the success of the sheet Mask (disposable paper mask) declined to infinity and the recent launch of the Rubber Mask (rubber mask), here comes the time of the Bubble Best Face Masks or bubble mask.

The product (or rather gadget) beauty has been emulating for some weeks on Instagram. And for good reason: with the appearance of teddy bears that it gives to its users, the novelty intrigue as much as it amuses.

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Bubble Mask: what is it?

It is a face care mask that is in the form of paste or gel, like any other product of this type. It is only when applied to the skin and in contact with the air that the texture changes.

The mask goes from a thick and opaque paste to a fine dense foam. Hundreds of bubbles form on the face in minutes. The foaming action is caused by the gas incorporated in the formula. This is why it is also called “Oxygen Mask”.

Where is that from ?

This treatment, which has something to spice up our beauty routine, comes straight from Korea, a prescriber of weight in terms of cosmetics in recent years. Best Face MasksOnInstagram, it generated more than 3500 publications in a few days.

What effects on the skin?

Often formulated with charcoal , white tea or clay , this funny mask promises to clean the epidermis thoroughly. Dead cells, blackheads or makeup residue … Nothing resists him. Result? A clear and luminous complexion, perfectly purified.

It is therefore recommended rather to tired skin that has an excess of sebum or dilated pores .

Only contraindication to its use: be ticklish! And yes, the Best Face Masks sparkles on the skin, which creates tingling.

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Black Mask Blackhead Dangers

#BlackMask: trendy black masks deemed dangerous for the skin

The tip and more:  for those who decide to try the experiment, it avoids applying too close to the eyes and nostrils.


If you are a follower of Youtube and Instagram, you have surely not escaped the wave of black masks supposed to fight blackheads. Best Face MasksTrue beauty phenomena, they are today pointed the finger by the


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