Are Bananas Good For Dogs Health And Digestive System

We all know the importance of eating fruits and vegetables for our health. Not even children but the adults love to add fruits in their diet. We add organic fruits in our desserts and try to make sweet dishes yummy and delicious. One of the most popular fruit among all is bananas. This fruit is famous because bananas have the capacity to consume easily.This fruit is available in almost every season and every part of the world.  But here we are discussing are bananas good for dogs or can your dog eat bananas?


According to Doctors

Vet doctors do suggest bananas for animals. Monkeys eat them on a regular basis; in fact, it’s one of their favorite foods. But some specialist suggests not giving bananas to your pet because of bananas of can cause constipation.The dog is a kind of animal which likes to eat meat more than fruits. So if you are planning to give him bananas to eat then keep checking on the number of bananas to avoid any kind of stomach problems.So we can say that it is safe to give bananas to your dog under some conditions that you have to follow. One more thing that doctor suggests while giving bananas to your pet. Keep in your mind that dogs are carnivores’ animals and their teeth’s are designed for that purpose, and they love to eat meat. They have not the ability to chew food that’s why to be careful while giving them bananas, never give them whole bananas or a big piece of it. It can block their food canal and lead your pet to the hospital. Most of the doctors add bananas in their list of recommended fruit that you can give to your dog. Sometimes Peel off bananas can also be very harmful to them. Most of the animals can digest it but dog’s stomach can get disturb and can lead to diarrhea. In most of the cases, dogs do not like to eat bananas whether peel off or not. It’s all depend on his liking and disliking, and it’s not necessary your dog will react same like this.

After checking out the doctor’s suggestions, it’s time to get experience from one of the dog owners about the question are bananas good for dogs or can your dog eat bananas?


Dog Owners And Their Suggestions

It’s the good way to know more about this mysterious question with the help of dog owner’s suggestions, we all know doctors always choose the way that is legal and remain themselves at safe side.That’s why they always suggest giving bananas to your dog. But the best way to solve this mystery is to ask this question to the dog owners and follow their instructions. The best way is to search the internet and read the stories of dog owners what they suggest and how their dog react when they give them bananas to eat.

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