4 Steps To Boost Your Sales Team With Zoho Motivator


The success of a CRM project certainly depends on the intrinsic quality of the solution put in place but also on the adoption by the users.

Zoho Motivator will make the use of zoho site CRM essential for your team and thus greatly improve its ownership. Thanks to all the features offered by Zoho Motivator, your sales representatives will have a better visibility on their commercial activities and the achievement of their objectives.

Discover the 4 steps to put in place with zoho site Motivator to encourage your salespeople to exploit Zoho CRM and guarantee the success of your project:

1. Define Relevant Trade Indicators (KPIs)

Before launching your business activities, you must  do an analysis work upstream to identify your KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) and materialize your objectives. It is wise to involve your salespeople during this stage, so that they can appropriate these objectives and feel concerned.

By defining KPIs, you will be able to proactively manage your business . To learn more about KPIs, you can download our e-book .

2. Transcribe your KPIs on Zoho Motivator

After defining your objectives on paper, you can now transcribe them into Zoho Motivator . Advanced reporting features allow you to view your KPIs from zoho site CRM,  in the form of charts and dashboards. Your sales team will have a better visibility of the commercial actions to be put in place.

3. Organize contests to motivate your team

Zoho Motivator competitions create the emulation of salespeople to achieve their goals, in a way that can be fun. The real-time ranking makes it possible to compare oneself to others and makes you want to surpass yourself in order to improve its performances. You can even offer rewards to further stimulate your team.

4. Highlight your goals and results

With zoho site Motivator, you can view your salespeople’s goals and results on TV screens or on your intranet for live viewing  . Valuing the results will be a sign of recognition for your team. Communicating common goals can also unite your team members.

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