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That’s it, you have designed a beautiful e-commerce site to sell your great products. Phew! You think that the hard part is done, that you just have to sit comfortably in your chair and watch the sales be done alone. But nobody visits your site. And when that happens, nobody buys…

You still have a lot of work to do before you succeed. Building your e-commerce site is just the first step in a long list. At Getup, we’ve identified 10 of them to help you promote your site and bring those long -awaited visitors to your virtual store.

In my career as a consultant, whether on my own or at Absolute, I had the opportunity to meet a good number of clients as part of a launch of a new website promos If the latter are generally committed to the launch of their next site, we can still classify them in two categories when it comes time to discuss the launch strategy: 1) The first category that I would call the “liabilities “Or we put the site online, we work a little content, but we expect that Google discovers the site itself, so we limit the communication efforts. 2) The second category, the “aggressive”, that is to say managers who want to enjoy the launch of their new site to make noise online,

I still believe that the timing is ideal to get your new strategy off the ground, and ensure that your content & offer meets the needs of your customers. I recently had the opportunity to work on the launch of a website promos, and I took the opportunity to update my promotional strategies to boost the success

Who says launching a site inevitably thinks about programming, choice of technology, design, hosting, etc. This is also the time to plan the strategy that will be used to not only announce the launch, but also on which marketing efforts will be based in the future. To help the communication strategy that will promote the launch of your site, two factors are essential to clarify: ** 1) How is my site different from the competition? ** 2) What specific needs does my new website promos fill? To answer these two questions, one must inevitably take the necessary time to know one’s clientele, its needs, expectations and objectives. You cannot spend too much time searching for your customers online, and I’m sure that just like me,

Why create bridges between web and “real life”

You have everything to gain by creating bridges between the web and “real life”. In one way or the other, it will be beneficial for your business because:

A physical event relayed on the web has more visibility and improves your reputation. Speaking of your event on the web, you can recruit a larger audience … and why not speakers!

Inviting your web communities to attend your event, you humanize the relationship and strengthen the links with your “virtual” prospects

By assuming a web communication around the event (for example by warning people present on the day that videos of the event will be retransmits on your YouTube channel, etc.), you make known to your prospects and customers «in real life Your web marketing devices. If it is not already done, it will probably give them want to get closer to you on the web. From there, you will be able to maintain contact with them more easily, and at the same time increase the size of your communities.

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I recommend that you always conduct a number of web marketing actions around an event, before, during and after! Here is the list of 11 essential actions to achieve:

His first thing to do is to find a web support to promote your event. Depending on your budget, the nature of the event, the type of audience invited, etc., several media can be considered. For example:

A dedicated page on your site

It is simply a matter of adding to your site a page that will allow to receive the information related to your event, or even to register via an online form. This option is well indicated if you are the sole or the main organizer of the event, it is directly related to your professional activity, and it is mainly your prospects or customers who are likely to register.

In case you plan to organize events on a regular basis, it may be interesting to add to your menu of website an entry “Events” (or “Conferences”, “Seminars”, etc.). You will then have:

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