Stay in the Right Path No Question of Dieting Dilettante

we do not restrict a day to let go the next day. There is nothing worse for the body which, disoriented, goes into idle mode and starts to store.

To succeed, one must scrupulously follow the instructions and the duration of the chosen method.

7- Béton stabilization

The period following a Rapid Tone Diet is certainly the most difficult. To lose weight , your energy intake must be less than your expenses. To stabilize, we have to find the balance between contributions and expenditures . Once the desired weight is reached, the stabilization , a pivotal period, consists of going there by “trial and error” to achieve this adjustment.

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  • 8- Make a lasting change to your habits

Once the goal is reached, there is no question of resuming your bad reflexes before like skipping meals, put the plate of butter in the pasta or slip chocolate in front of the TV. You must relearn how to eat healthy , according to the basic principles of balanced nutrition . Otherwise, it’s recovery guaranteed!

9- Check, and correct at the slightest alert

No need to focus on weight once the goal of your Rapid Tone Diet has been achieved. however, depending on the hormones, the water retention, the Rapid Tone Diet of the last times …, this measure can vary from one day to another. To avoid unpleasant surprises however, it is best to weigh yourself once a week , always at the same time and in the same outfit. In case of recovery, lift the foot a few days on fats and sugars.

10- Move!

No successful weight loss without physical activity: move, even if the sport is not your cup of tea (go up the stairs, walk, dance …), it is to ensure an energy expenditure which makes it possible to preserve your weight shape in the long term.

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