Groom Suits 4 Men 2018 – 80 Trendy Groom Outfits

That’s it, you decided to pass the wedding in 2018. Your beloved has already found her dream wedding dress, she also imagined the decor down to the smallest detail? So it’s time to think about your groom’s outfit so that you also shine in perfect harmony with the bride. A delicate task especially if you are not used to formal cloakroom. To accompany you in your choice of a perfect wedding suit, we have unearthed the latest trendiest models in 2018.The 2018 wedding suit between originality and sobriety

The navy blue suits 4 men remains the first choice of the bride and groom who want to bet on an elegant vision without falling into sobriety. This year, the brighter, brighter shades of blue come to the fore. King blue, cobalt blue, duck blue or indigo blue, all these saturated shades allow the bride and groom to display a resolutely chic and modern look. In addition, it will match all wedding themes. Impeccable look in royal blue costume of three pieces

Symbol of classic and timeless elegance, the black bow tie is not just for cocktail parties and galas. He is already at the heart of nuptial trends to give a new definition to masculine elegance. The wedding tuxedo is perfect for a refined vision, marriage. Matching with a perfectly tailored jacket and a rounded waistcoat, this classic men’s wardrobe accessory ensures a timeless elegant silhouette. For an even more modern look, opt for a navy blue suits 4 men with a contrasting black shawl collar jacket. The contrast black-blue will enhance the depth of this dark blue for a chic and elegant.

Navy blue wedding tuxedo with contrasting shawl collar

The trend is also for jackets in light tones. They give a nonchalant elegance to the groom who will fit perfectly in the context of a summer wedding. In addition, light gray, sky blue, cream and pale pink will harmonize with a decor in the soft color palette. A set united in clear shades (light gray suit with white shirt with hidden throat), a mismatched costume that focuses on the accessories granted, here the variants are multiple. For an autumn wedding, think about the combination of burgundy pants and a white jacket.

More relaxed vision with a light-colored jacket accessorized with a pink handkerchief

Wearing a patterned groom suits 4 men may seem like a risky choice. Yet trends in 2018 show us the opposite. The Prince of Wales motif is particularly popular this season, especially by the bride and groom who want to display a character outfit, a vintage touch. The important thing here is to bet on a clean cut and avoid association with other reasons as well as strong accessories. If you’d rather go for a less risky but impressive choice, the navy blue or navy blue suits 4 men is the best choice. Master prints with a wide-brimmed suit

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