Custom Motorcycle Patches; A Way To Represent Your Club

We have all spotted jackets and motorcycle vests with elaborate and embroidered patches in the front or across their back. The great thing is that each one enlightens its own exceptional story, pledges faithfulness, or is advertising to other individuals/groups that can gain possible members. In this brief piece of writing, we’ll be taking a glance at the parts of custom motorcycle patches and will be glancing at what each part denotes.

Top Rocker:

It is usually the very patch to be shown which more often than not indicates the affiliation or club. In most events, this piece of the patch will be a little curved in a descending motion to reflect the bottom rocker which is below the colors.


It is the middle of the patch that shows the logo or symbol utilized by the affiliation or motorcycle club. It can be anything from a very elaborate mural kind patch or a more naive symbol such as crossbones or skull.

Bottom Rocker:

It is the piece of the patch that reflects the top rocker that drops in only above the colors which we conversed above. The reason of the bottom rocker is most usually to showcase the home site of the club or member.


M.C stands for Motorcycle Club. This custom embroidered motorcycle patch is more often than not found only to one side of the colors.

Now that we have taken a look at the parts of a custom embroidered motorcycle patch separately let’s take a minute to dwell on all that goes into the making of such extremely significant parts to any motorcycle club’s custom embroidered patch. The most significant part of such custom embroidered patches is that each has to be unique from other motorcycle clubs to make a brand or identifier for that particular club. Designing a patch that is too near to something that has already been asserted by some other Motorcycle Club can certainly turn into a possible point of disputation.

One other part a lot of individuals do not dwell on is keeping every branded patch unified while remaining customization for members. Every size jacket, vest, or clothing piece showing the Colors, Top Rocker, MC, and Bottom Rocker has to be treated a bit another way. The last thing anyone would desire is to have custom patches no minimum destined for an XXL jacket to be put on a Small. It would make a less than pleasing look not to state lack of flexibility; which is crucial when you are on a motorcycle that requires top levels of maneuverability.

So, that was all about different parts of a motorcycle patch. I hope you’ve learned something new about these patches, which is a good thing. So, whenever you want to have custom patches, just keep the things mentioned above so that you can have the best custom patch ever. Good luck and have a great, great day designing your motorcycle patch!

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