Do you have dry, dehydrated skin that is tight? To fight against redness and soothe the skin of the face, discover the homemade recipe of moisturizing Best Face Masks with cucumber. This homemade beauty product is the easy-to-use, dry skin-care solution for a beautiful, smooth, smooth skin.

The skin of the face which suffers from cutaneous desiccation requires an intense hydration of the epidermis. Limestone, sun and some chemicals irritate the skin.

In this case, the ideal solution to take care of your delicate skin is to make yourself your own beauty product , with natural and healthy ingredients that are suitable for your skin type.

Indeed, thanks to organic cosmetics manufactured at home, you benefit from a natural and inexpensive treatment that does not attack sensitive skin.

Goal beautiful skin without imperfection or drought

This natural remedy is to apply a homemade moisturizing Best Face Masksanti-dry skin. Composed of cucumber, honey, cream and argan oil, this homemade beauty Best Face Masks “Tzatziki way” is rich in vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals.

Specially designed to fight against skin dryness, this beauty recipe can treat dry to very dry skin, but also soothe, cleanse, disinfect, heal, nourish and moisturize the thirsty and dehydrated face.

Relieved irritation, a hydrated skin is the right way to prevent aging of the skin  at the same time. Here you are now the purified complexion, the skin soft and luminous.

The list of natural ingredients:

The key ingredient: cucumber, a good moisturizer, decongestant for the eyes and sanitizer.

– 2 tablespoons thick cream (for softening the epidermis)

– 1 tablespoon of flowing honey (for its soothing and soothing qualities)

– 1 tablespoon of argan oil (for a quick penetration and a brilliant rendering)

– ¼ cucumber (to decongest pores and cleanse skin)

Utensils :

  • 1 bowl
  • 1 wooden spoon

Homemade dry skin mask recipe:

Extract the flesh fom the cucumber and crush it in a bowl. Pour over the argan oil. Add the honey. Mix gently, then add one by one the spoons of crème fraîche. Best Face Masks Mix everything well to obtain a fairly homogeneous set.

Usage tips :

Apply on a wet face and neck avoiding the eye area. Leave for about twenty minutes. Wipe off excess with a tissue or cotton disc. Rinse with cold water. Dab the skin with a dry towel instead of wiping it, so as not to irritate it. To apply once or twice a week.


This mask does not benefit from a long-term preservation, by its presence of cream and cucumber, a fresh vegetable. Best Face Masks It is therefore advisable to use it in the days to come after manufacture, keeping it of course in the refrigerator in a sealed jar.

Mask of beauty with milk

Mix a tablespoon of flour with a little whole milk until you get a creamy paste. Leave this preparation on your face for ten minutes, avoiding the eye area. Rinse with warm water. Best Face Masks

Honey beauty mask


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