Lower The Price Of Your Car Insurance: Car Insurance Rates

An important part of the annual budget, vehicle insurance is of course not something to be neglected. But you do not have to pay a lot of money. There are many levers to pay less for your economical car insurance.

488 euros: this is the average price of the annual insurance premium for a light car according to the latest figures established by the French Federation of Insurers (FFSA) and the Gema (group of mutuals). A figure that should not decline in the months or years to come, with the entry into force since 1 January 2015 of the Hamon law to terminate at any time , after one year of contract, his auto insurance . Insurers will indeed be tempted to increase their rates to offset the inevitable turn-over that will engender. Not to mention the regular weather disasters that generate tens of thousands of claims each year and also contribute to the increase in contributions.

If your economical car insurance starts to weigh too much in your budget, the first thing you need to do is to re-examine your contract. From the moment you subscribed, your situation or that of your car may have changed. Maybe you’re driving less than before? Maybe you moved to a less sensitive neighborhood? Maybe you now have a closed parking? There are many levers you can play to try to lower your annual insurance premium, without losing any of the coverage offered. And if all that is not enough, remember that it is now very easy to terminate to go elsewhere. And to check that elsewhere, the grass is much greener than at home, it is not the comparators that are missing.

Auto insurance: what are your rights … and homework?

Not always easy to understand everything to insurance contracts … Here are 15 questions and answers to see more clearly.

Every motorized land vehicle must be insured, at least under the civil liability regime (more commonly known as the “third party” regime). However, more and more motorists circulate in uninsured vehicles, exposing themselves to both criminal prosecution (this offense is punishable by a fine of € 3,750 but may also lead to a suspension of license of 3 years or confiscation of the vehicle) but also to significant financial risks in the event of a responsible accident (reimbursement of amounts from the guarantee fund). Difficult to always see clearly when choosing your insurance guarantee. The conditions of economical car insurance sometimes remain obscure. Am I covered by my insurance when I drive abroad, when I lend my car to a loved one or when I rent a car? These questions are not always easy to find answers.

The Hamon Act comes into force on 1 st January 2015 has simplified the means to terminate the insurance contract self but many points remain obscure. The best way is to properly evaluate your use of your vehicle with your insurer. Secondary or occasional drivers, carpooling, professional use of your personal vehicle are all factors that may change the terms of your insurance. This folder will allow you to get answers on frequent questions of motorists. Rental, insurance of caravans or cars without a license, accompanied driving, vehicle loan … so many subjects screened. To learn more, click on the photo above.

Auto insurance: what can blow your guarantees?

Use of the vehicle for purposes other than those stipulated in the contract

This is one of the main points of an economical car insurance contract: is the vehicle insured for private trips or for private and business trips (for example to get to work appointments)? If it is insured only for private trips and you start to use it for business purposes, this is for the insurer “increased risk” and you have a period of fifteen days to report it. If you do not do this, you will not be covered for an incident occurring during the new type of use of the vehicle.

For its part, the insurer warned of an increased risk on a contract (it can also be the addition of a young driver or the fact that the vehicle is no longer parked in a closed box) has three options: accept it without consequence (it is very rare), accept it by increasing the amount of the insurance premium or refuse it and terminate the contract.

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