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The current years have seen another privately determined pattern in Arabic sort outline. The absence of experts and assortment in accessible typefaces welcomed experimentation toward the end-client level. The outcome is the Frankenstein of Arabic typography, cut up bits of nice Latin typefaces set up together to make up Arabic characters. This pattern is very well known in Dubai and beginning to advance in Beirut. Both of these urban areas need to adapt to bilingual typography and this is the disastrous arrangement that many are dispensing. Frequently, the outcome sells out an absence of comprehension of structure, shape, the fundamental qualities of the content and the essential distinction between a terminal and a body stroke, or instroke versus outstroke.


2-Specialized Issues

Inconsistent programming and lack of Arabic empowered programming.

The approach of Unicode has made working with Arabic messages substantially less complex. This is particularly the case with the arrival of Center East forms of Adobe items. All things considered, there are numerous items that we utilize day by day that are not Unicode smart. Until at that point, clients should reconsider before transporting content from a program to the next.


Inadequate character sets.

Troubled shocks happen when utilizing a portion of the Axt fonts. The content changes when one changes the font. This is valid for the broadened Arabic characters and Qoranic documentations which change crosswise over keys. Download Arabic Fonts for photoshop


Irregularity in body measure.

A simple issue to settle, a significant number of the typefaces are quite recently too little on the body with no obvious reason in the matter of why. It is normal for some to hop off the benchmark.



Numerous typefaces have plot issues, for example, the course of the counters, crossing digressions, rough convergence focuses when a smooth convergence is normal, and no focuses at extremes.

Luckily, not all typefaces are this way. Some are very great. The circumstance is enhancing (aside from the latinization furor) and better typefaces are being discharged each year. Opentype and Adobe Indesign ME are without a doubt offering better typographic nuances and Indesign can read heritage Axt fonts and new Unicode agreeable ones. Today the conceivable outcomes are extraordinary, and with time and exertion, things can just improve.

Not very many books address Arabic typography, not to mention Arabic typedesign. Colleges in some Bedouin nations are beginning to address the theme however it will be a while before critical outcomes are seen. The mindfulness that there is a lack in the number and nature of Arabic fonts is expanding. One would expect that to be a decent sign. Tragically that the arrangement that many honing originators and outline organizations and studios are running over is the cleaving of existing Latin typefaces and re-orchestrating the parts to influence “Arabic” to show fonts. This will be talked about further later on.

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